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Monitor Performance & Enhance Productivity using DATALOG

             Productivity is assured by continuous performance of every single Loom in the weaving mill. Unwanted stoppages can throw a spanner in the works and drastically impact production schedules. That is why it is imperative to invest in Datalog Online Loom Data Monitoring System for Weaving Looms to monitor Weaving Shed 24 X 7.

            Datalog Online Monitoring system facilitates continuous monitoring of each Loom individually & collectively. Data is processed and useful reports are generated on web based software which helps in seamless running of operations, contributing to better productivity which translates into higher profit.

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Products Options of DATALOG On Line Monitoring System for Weaving
Weaving Machine Terminal for Loom

Benefits of DATALOG On Line Monitoring System for Weaving

  • Integrated information of all types of looms in one software
  • Provision to view all information on Machine Terminal fitted on every Loom
  • Long Stop reason can be entered on the loom
  • Web based software & hence easy to access the data from within or outside the mill (during travel)
  • Mobile Version of Software available
  • Automatic Weaver Planning
  • Reduce Machine Down Time by continuous monitoring
  • Continuous Monitoring of Breaks per Hour & Minutes per Stop for Warp, Weft and other stops
  • Compare Machines running with same Style to identify low performing machine and finetune
  • Compare Weavers to identify low performing weaver and train for better result
  • Efficiency Trend Graph to analyse Loom behaviour and finetune for better Efficiency
  • Stop Diagram to find out repeated stops, too many stops and finetune the Loom
  • Bring Low performing Loom at par with the best
  • Exception Reports can be called for any parameter to analyse the weak areas
  • Snap Study on every parameter
  • Macro to Micro Analysis of any parameter can be called for long term analysis (Year – Month – Day)
  • Easy Interface with any ERP
  • Beam Planning Reports, Un Assigned Beam Reports are available
  • Roll Doff Reports are available
  • Crimp Reports are available
  • CFM of each Loom is monitored continuously to provide Instantaneous CFM, Average CFM, Cumulative CFM, CFM / Meter of fabric produced
  • Air Consumption Report in Text & Graph for Loom Wise, Shift Wise, Style Wise, Shed Wise
  • By Monitoring CFM Consumed – Cost per Meter can be analysed
  • Optimise Speed vs CFM consumed
  • Prevent Avoidable stops / Breakdowns

Analysing Power Consumption Reports will help mills to

  • Reduce Power Bills (Cost)
  • Arrive at Cost / Meter of fabric produced
  • Speed vs Power Consumed
  • Quality of Power
  • Monitor Health of Motor and other related hardware
  • Analyse RH & Temp. variations at different points inside the shed
  • Optimise RH & Temp. for best Shed Running Condition
  • Machine Terminal (Standard Model) for Production Monitoring with 6 Inputs for Picks, Warp, Weft, Leno, Selvedge, Catchchord)

  • Machine Terminal with 18 Stops for automatic registering of 17 Stops reasons from machine panel

  • Stop Code Entry Terminal for Entering Stop Reason at one place

  • Machine Terminal with Finger Print Sensor for Registering Operator ID / Attendance, Supervisor ID / Attendance, Inspector ID, Stop Code Entry

  • Machine Terminal with Bar-Code Interface or RFID Interface for Registering, Style, Operator ID / Attendance, Supervisor ID / Attendance, Inspector ID, Stop Code Entry

  • Machine Terminal with Fabric Defect Entry for Registering Fabric Defect on the Loom

  • Machine Terminal with Roll Doff – Automatic Roll Doff on prefixed Picks / Meter

  • Machine Terminal with Automatic Looms Start / Stop arrangement – Stop the Loom for any pre-set setting by the mills for Standard / Deviation

  • Machine Terminal with Lamp Post Indication Arrangement  to provide various Indications for any pre-set setting by the mills for  Standard / Deviation

  • Score Board in 3 Sizes – For every Loom / Machine, For Group of Looms, For Shed or Central Location

  • SMS / Email for automatic Alerts / Reports

  • LCD TV Software at Central Locations inside the Shed / Supervisor, Office Room

  • Machine Terminal with Touch Screen Model Panel on Loom

Weaving Looms in Shed

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Online Monitoring System for Loom

Weaving preparatory and processing

Reports, Graphs and Screens

  • Production I Stoppage  | Efficiency
  • Efficiency Trend  | Stop Graph
  • True Drill Down Long Term Reports (From Macro to Micro Level)
  • Efficiency Trend Graphs of  Year …Month… Day…
  • All Reports can viewed by Machine I Style I Weaver I Supervisor I Department
  • Assigned Men
  • Snap Study
  • Exception Reports
  • Stop Bar Graph to show Machine Running / Stop over a selected period
  • Speed Graph
  • Roll Doff Reports
  • Beam Planning & Unassigned Beam Reports.
  • Crimp report
  • Performance  Report
  • Long Term Report
  • Monthly Report
  • User Reports
  • Weavers Comparison
  • Supervisor Comparison
  • Loom Comparison
  • Style Comparison
  • Weekly Reports
  • Monthly Reports
  • Hourly Reports
  • Two / Three Shifts Reports
  • Power Consumption (KVA,KWh)
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Power Factor
  • Frequency
  • Instantaneous CFM Report
  • Average CFM Report
  • Cumulative CFM
  • Meter/KG Report
  • Temperature & Humidity Graph & Report
  • Fabric Defect Report

Models & Optional Attachments for Weaving