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S Gopalakrishnan and CB Krishnan started their journey as R&D engineers in a company manufacturing textile electronics in collaboration with a Swiss firm. With a vision to become leading innovators in the field of textile monitoring systems, the company ventured into the market with small yet firm steps. Their innovations aligned with their vision. A team of highly skilled R&D experts contributed to the development of state of the art monitoring systems that provide unparalleled quality and reliability at an affordable cost to customers who value long term benefits. Now Datalog has team of young and talented professionals to continuously improve and innovate the products.


On Line Monitoring Systems play an important role in a Textile Mill to keep a watchful eye on the performance and productivity of Men and Machine. Datalog is a leading brand in On Line Monitoring Systems trusted by customers all over the Globe since its inception 25 years ago. Datalog Technologies has Monitoring Systems for Spinning, Weaving and Knitting Mills. The system has a Hardware and Software part. The Hardware consists of the Machine Terminal and its accessories and the Software is Web based with a robust Database. The System is user friendly and is also customizable. It generates reports on Production, Stoppage, Efficiency, Beam Planning, Operator Planning, Doff prediction etc., to name a few


The company has built a strong presence nationally and internationally, covering over 25,000 machines in more than 400 mills, spanning several countries – Indonesia, Rwanda, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Australia, Thailand, Madagascar, Egypt, México, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Nigeria, Turkey, Malaysia, USA and the list goes on. The name Datalog is now synonymous with Monitoring Systems for Textile Mills. At Datalog Technologies constant innovation with quality is the motto. 25 years later the company has carved a name for itself in the industry, primarily known for its innovative quality, reliability and credibility around the world. The long list of 400 plus customers is a testimony for its position in the industry

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Our goal is to find the highest level of efficiency for our clients in efforts to support the highest level of success.Over the past 26 years, Datalog Technologies has worked on thousands of projects in many different textile industries ranging in size from small entrepreneurship to large scale enterprises. We have helped  our 400+ clients to become sustainably successful organizations and our client list continues to grow.

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