Fabric Inspection


Datalog – Fabric Inspection System is a Web Based system equipped with state of art Micro Controller based Fabric Inspection Terminal(FIT) with Touch Screen Display / User Specific Keyboard that replaces the conventional way of manual recording.

  • Inspector with ease can enter Fabric Defects & Points on the Fabric Inspection Terminal(FIT) by gently pressing the pre-defined Defect & Points.
  • The system automatically measures & records Fabric Length at which the Defect & Point has occurred using the Shaft encoder connected to Fabric Inspection Terminal.
  • A computer connected in network collects information recorded by inspector on FIT through wireless technology.
  • Web Based Software processes these data from the FIT.
  • Process includes Capturing, Sorting, Storing, Retrieving, Calculating and Displaying various User friendly Reports & Screens.
  • This software is also designed with an unique artificial intelligent logic to generate Automatic Cutting Plan to achieve maximumpossible realization from inspected fabric based grading specifications defined by textile mills.
  • Automatic Cutting Plan is displayed in Graph and Text
  • Software comes with inbuilt reports for Monitoring Productivity, Realization and Defect Analysis.
  • Customised reports can be generated.
  • Users can access these information through web browser based on their access levels from remote locations.
  • System also allows multiple users to access data simultaneously.
  • System can automatically use different Grading Standard for Different Buyer.
Fabric Inspection Table


  • Paperless since Data is being stored on Fabric Inspection Terminal/ Computer
  • Error Free recording since entry is on User Specific design
  • Fabric Length is measured automatically using Shaft Encoder and hence 100% accuracy.
  • Point of Defect Occurrence is accurate since length is measured using Shaft Encoder
  • Graphical view of Defect Mapping is generated from system and hence easy for decision making
  • Fabric Classification (Grading of Rolls) is done automatically by system and hence laborious process of Manual Gradingcan be avoided
  • Automatic Cutting Plan is available from system at the end of a Master Batch Roll in Graph & Text and hence easy to make Rolls
  • Inbuilt Productivity Reports
  •  Inbuilt Realisation Reports
  •  Inbuilt Defect Analysis Reports
  • Reports are in drill-down form, Starts from overview to the deep-root to enable easy and meaningful analysis for the users
  • Easy to Train & Operate
  • Assisted Cutting Terminal - To install the system on Cutting Table to stop the Machine as per the cutting plan
  • Provision for ERP Interface

Salient Features

  • Defect Codes can be customized as per mill requirement using colour and symbol
  • Defect Keys can be Grouped and Coloured as per mill requirement
  • Defect Keys can be Positioned as per mill requirement on FIT
  • Classification of defects with respect to Department available (Weaving Defects, Sizing Defects, etc.,)
  • Fabric Width can be entered at periodical intervals
  • Flags can be marked on the FIT during inspection
  • Long Defects can be entered on the FIT
  • Horizontal Defect Position can be entered on the FIT
  • Recording of Batch Ends / Roll Ends.
  • Option to enter Manual Roll / Piece Cutting by the Inspector
  • Easy to access from anywhere as software is Web - Based
  • Defect Map with Zoom in / out facility


  • Label Printing for each Roll in Text / Barcode
  •  Barcode scanner interface for capturing Batch Roll information
  • Weighing Scale interface for Roll weight
  • Audio / Video Indication alerts for the operator