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Datalog Technologies Pvt Ltd is a global leader in the manufacture of loom monitoring systems, online monitoring systems for spinning, knitting, weaving, preparatory & processing, and fabric inspection for textile industries. Datalog is a registered trademark of Datalog Technologies Private Limited, a manufacturer of “Textile Process Monitoring System Equipments” established in 1993 in Coimbatore, India. The company has installed its products in major textile mills in India and abroad. Datalog Technologies has installations that cover more than 30,000 machines (in over 400 Mills) in several countries across the globe such as Indonesia, Rwanda, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Australia, Thailand, Madagascar, Egypt, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Nigeria, Turkey, Morocco, Malaysia, USA, and the list grows on. 

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The Datalog Loom Monitoring System for Weaving stands as an interactive real-time control system designed to consistently oversee individual looms within a textile mill. Its primary function is to record data from each loom, contributing to heightened productivity by preemptively addressing interruptions and preventing unnecessary stoppages.

Weaving preparatory - Online Loom Monitoring System for Textile mills and looms

The Online Monitoring System for Weaving preparatory and processing is designed to facilitate ongoing surveillance of each machine both independently and collectively. This system ensures the uninterrupted flow of all operations by providing real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing for a comprehensive overview of individual machines as well as their combined performance.

The Datalog Fabric Inspection System represents a cutting-edge technological solution tailored for the textile sector. Its primary objective is to guarantee the quality of fabrics and reduce the likelihood of rejection by systematically documenting any defects that may arise. This innovative system operates in a continuous manner, providing real-time monitoring and analysis to uphold stringent quality standards throughout the fabric production process.

Spinning - Online Power and Production Monitoring System for Textile

The Online Monitoring System for Spinning is an integrated production and power monitoring solution accessible through the web. This system offers a seamless interface for obtaining machine-related information and generating reports with a simple click, streamlining the monitoring process for spinning operations.

Knitting - Online Loom Data Monitoring System for Textile mills and looms

The Datalog Online Loom Monitoring System for Knitting plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of knitting processes, thereby enhancing overall production efficiency within the textile mill.

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