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Datalog Technologies Private Limited is the global leader in the manufacturing of Loom Monitoring System, Online Monitoring Systems for Weaving Preparatory & Processing, Weaving, Spinning, Knitting, and Fabric Inspection for the Textiles Industry. Datalog is a Registered Trademark of Datalog Technologies Private Limited a “Textile Process Monitoring System Equipments” manufacturing company in Coimbatore, India, established in 1993. The Company has installed its products in major textile mills in India and abroad. Datalog Technologies has installations that cover more than 30,000 machines (in over 400 Mills) in several countries across the globe like Indonesia, Rwanda, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Australia, Thailand, Madagascar, Egypt, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Nigeria, Turkey, Morocco, Malaysia, USA, and the list grows on. 

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Our Textile PRODUCTS

Weaving- Online Loom Data Monitoring System for Textile mills and looms

Datalog loom monitoring system for weaving is an interactive real-time control system that constantly monitors every loom in the textile mill and logs the loom data to increase productivity by preventing unnecessary stops.

Weaving preparatory - Online Loom Monitoring System for Textile mills and looms

Online Monitoring System for Weaving preparatory and processing enables continuous monitoring of each machine individually and collectively that ensures the seamless running of all operations.

Fabric Inspection - Online Monitoring System and Data Logger for Textile

Datalog Fabric Inspection System is another innovative technology for the textile industry that assures the quality of the fabric and minimizes rejection by recording the defects continuously.

Spinning - Online Power and Production Monitoring System for Textile

Online Monitoring System for Spinning is a web-based integrated production and power Monitoring system used that provides machine information and reports at a click

Knitting - Online Loom Data Monitoring System for Textile mills and looms

Datalog Online Loom Monitoring System for Knitting helps in seamless running of the knitting operation and contributes to better production in the Textile Mill.

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